Trabalhos de Inglês do Curso Profissional de Desporto do 11º ano

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A pedido da professora Ana Cristina Alvarenga os alunos do Curso Profissional de Desporto realizaram trabalhos, em inglês, sobre a visita de estudo aos Passadiços do Paiva e à Web Summit e aqui estão alguns exemplos:

Pathways of Paiva

On Friday, October 11th, the students of the Professional Course of Sports Technician went on a school trip to the Paiva pathways and walked 8km along a wooden walkway.
The students and the teachers took the bus to get there and it was a four-hour bus trip. They saw some beautiful landscapes and some weird animals as well. All the classes of the course went on this trip with the objective of spending more time together and getting to know each other better.

Work done by: Beatriz Lança, no. 4, 11thJ

School trip to the Web Summit

On November 5th, the class 11th J, of the Professional Course of Sports Technician, attended the Web Summit, in Altice Arena, Lisbon.

The Web Summit is an annual technology conference, which is considered the largest and the most important tech event in the world.

These students were accompanied by the English teacher, Ana Cristina Alvarenga, and the Sports teacher, Luís Duarte. They arrived at half past one pm and attended the conferences until half past four pm, after seeing Ronaldinho.

This school trip was organized by the English teacher because all the conferences were in English. The students were able to witness the importance of the English language and also to develop their language skills.

Work done by: Rodrigo Cruz, no. 26, and Tomás Pereira, no. 30, 11thJ

Web Summit

What is the Web Summit?

The Web summit is Europe’s largest technology conference held annually since 2009.

Which conference did you enjoy the most?

The conference I liked the most was Ronaldinho’s because I play football and I have always had a great admiration for him.

Why did you come to the Web Summit?

I came to the Web Summit because my English teacher organized the school trip and because I find the topics of the conferences very interesting.

Since the Web Summit is all spoken in English, could you understand everything?

More or less. There were parts of conferences that I didn’t understand very well but I asked some friends to help me and I could understand most of it.

Work done by: Fábio Libereiro No.11 and Cristiano Santos No.6, 11thJ

Foto de: Passadiços de Paiva

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