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Mariana Lourenço, 11ºA

They were alone
You walked by their shelter
And gave them food
They were running
Judged insane
You gave them a jacket
For when there was rain
By some rejected
By others helped
You were the arms by which they were held
With lack of hope
Of strength to cope
You were the ones to keep them afloat
To some it seems useless the path that you take
To some necessary the sacrifices you make
And since so many are deprived of a voice
I thank and honor your humaine choice

Ana Pinheiro 11ºA

You are lost
And people with a perfect life
Tell you to move on.
But you can’t ….
You have the pressure of a past 
Killing you inside
A past that you don’t know 
But that you miss while you grow.
The feeling of calling mother
To a random other
It’s poor and cold.
When the fire inside you
Claims for a genuine voice 
In this unknown world.
I tell you, dear warrior 
You are stronger than one day I will ever be!
Use your soul and use your face 
Tell the people the paragraphs of your story 
Wish for hope and for the things that may come beyond….

Afonso Gageiro 11ºA

Dear Michael, from Berlin,
Thank you for what you did.
Fruits of your work have rolled in,
You've brought a smile to the face of a kid.
Dear Susan, from an island nation
lost out there in the tropical sea.
Your generous and unexpected donation
has helped a blind person to see.
Dear Joan, from the Alps of France so slanted,
hopefully your surname's not of Arc!
All those trees you so lovingly planted,
turned a city dump into a brand new park.
Dear Harry, from the Midlands.
I hope you're not having a rainy day.
Because of the shelter you helped build,
a homeless man now has a place to stay.
Dear Nancy, from New York City,
(the most generous little girl I've ever met!)
The time you spent in the nursing home
made the day of a Vietnam vet.
Dear volunteers, around the world,
thank you for all that you've done.
For making the world a better place,
you're all an inspiration to everyone!

Foto de New Port RIchie

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