A Halloween short story: The Woman with the Velvet Ribbon

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Long ago, a young man met and fell in love with a beautiful young woman. She was very beautiful and she always wore a ribbon around her neck. Soon the man and the woman were married and moved into a little cottage by the sea. The young man was more and more curious; why did his wife wear a ribbon around her neck all the time? One day he decided to ask her. The only answer he received was that he would be sorry if she took it off, so she would not take it off. The young man was not happy with his wife’s answer. Time passed and one day, he awoke before his wife, got a pair of scissors…, and cut off the ribbon that was around her neck. in https://en.islcollective.com/download/english-esl- worksheets/vocabulary/halloween/halloween-ghost-stories/90220

What happened next?

What he saw scared him and he hesitated. His wife had a horrible scar around her neck;a scar that looked recent, for it wasn’t even close to being totally healed. He stared at it for a few seconds, wondering why his wife had hidden the scar from him and who had done it to her. Suddenly he realized something that didn’t quite make sense. If his wife had hidden that scar from him for so many years, then why, and how did it seem so recent? Before he even had the time to think this deeper through, the scar opened into a big, nasty mouth, revealing a set of dirty, crooked teeth. The woman opened her eyes, and he saw they were black and with no pupils.

The man tried to run, while threatening the horrible, possessed monster his wife secretly was, with the pair of scissors he still had in his hand. But within a second, his wife got up and her neck’s mouth opened, revealing a long, snake-like tongue that started stabbing and biting the man, blood leaking from his body and falling at his feet, while his wife watched him die a slow, painful death, with a devilish smirk planted across her face.

Written by Patricia Nunes, 8ºD

PS: IT was just a terrible nightmare!

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